Lake Okoboji, can not be explained, but only felt!


Keep It Blue Crew!

Keep It Blue Crew! From early spring to late fall, we gather volunteers from individuals to businesses who want to make a difference in the lakes area! We have successfully cleaned up beaches by Miller’s Bay, Bridges Bay, the bridge between Arnolds Park and Okoboji, and the Amusement Park. The best way to keep it…

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Aquatic Invasive Species

Aquatic Invasive Species Why is it important to get educated about Aquatic Invasive Species? For many reasons and here are a few good ones: Reduce game fish populations Ruin boat engines and jam steering equipment Make lakes/rivers unusable by boaters and swimmers Dramatically increase the operating costs of drinking water plants, power plants, dam maintenance,…

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Lake Friendly Lawn Care

Lake Friendly Lawn Care Putting fertilizer on your lawn that contains phosphorus and with the first rain fall – these phosphorus will then go into our lakes and promote algae blooms. Along with your green lawn you will get a green lake. Here are a few methods to get a beautiful lawn without hindering lake…

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Low Impact Development

Low Impact Development What is LID? Low Impact Development is an approach to environmentally friendly land use planning. It includes a suite of landscaping and design techniques that attempt to maintain the natural, pre-developed & developed ability of a site to manage rainfall. LID techniques capture water on site, filter it through vegetation, and let…

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