Lake Friendly Lawn Care

Putting fertilizer on your lawn that contains phosphorus and with the first rain fall – these phosphorus will then go into our lakes and promote algae blooms. Along with your green lawn you will get a green lake. Here are a few methods to get a beautiful lawn without hindering lake quality.

Before you start test the soil of your lawn. Many people add fertilizer to their lawn not knowing that here in Iowa are soil is healthy – healthy enough to grow the desired green lawn. Fertilizer with 15 ppm of P is sufficient to grow a beautiful lawn. To obtain a soil testing kit, contact ISU Dickinson County Extension Service: (712) 336-3488.

Zero phosphorus fertilizer, such as Lake-n-Lawn Saver or Renaissance, is available at most local garden centers. Soybean meal is another organic fertilizer that works as a zero-phosphorus and is available at Teril Coop, in Teril Iowa. And also at Furgusons in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

Books available at local libraries:
Landscaping for Wildlife and Water Quality, By Minnesota DNR, 1999.
Building a Healthy Lawn: A Safe and Natural Approach, By Steve Franklin

Acknowledgement: Jane Shuttleworth; Lakeside Lab – Whapeton, Iowa