“A lake is the costliest of friends. You must love it and live it before you can understand it.” – G.W. Curtis



Thank you for taking a moment to learn about the Keep Okoboji Blue Endowment and support. We are working with the Dickinson County Conservation Board of Directors, who help oversee our grant process with Keep Okoboji Blue’s founder, Deidre Rosenboom. We also work closely with the Okoboji Foundation, an affiliation of the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation, where the endowment is housed. Together we build a vision for sustainable practices and the beauty of the Iowa Great Lakes.

As of 2022, the endowment has raised $27,000, allowing us to grant $1,400 for this year’s water quality projects, restorations, awareness, and education. We will continue to work on building up the endowment to further the Keep Okoboji Blue mission. 

Deidre is the Director of grant processes and organizes the distribution of funds to make the most significant impact on our lakes watershed. She focuses on social media marketing and website content for Keep Okoboji Blue, raising funds for the endowment, and researching water quality organizations to grant the endowment funds. Contact her for grant information. Contact Kyle Hamilton for public relations in events, volunteer efforts, Keep Okoboji Blue Floating Gardens, and KOB merchandise online or in-person to support the Keep Okoboji Blue message.

Listed below is the grants given from each year from Keep Okoboji Blue Endowment

Year 2020

Nature Center $250

Clean Water Alliance $250

East Lake Improvement Corporation $250

Keep Okoboji Blue Floating Garden Project / Drew Hage $300

Year 2021

Nature Center $250

Clean Water Alliance $600

INHF: East Lake Shoreline & Land $334 ($1,000 pledged over 3 years)

Year 2022

Iowa Lakeside Lab $300

Clean Water Alliance $600

INHF: East Lake Shoreline & Land $333 ($1,000 pledged over 3 years)

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