Lake Lovers Unite!

Please show your support and love for water quality in the Iowa Great Lakes by purchasing KOB branded apparel items either here on the website, at Farmers Market in the Park, and at Oak Hill Marina Outdoor.

We are excited to bring you events through the summer where you can find a way to support the KOB message. Come find us at the Blue Water Festival, our Spring to Fall beach cleanups, and other soon to come collaborative efforts with small local businesses.

We are on our way to growing the Keep Okoboji Blue Endowment. Currently, in 2021 we have raised $26,800 and will be able to grant $1,200 to water quality projects this year! The KOB endowment is focused on growing the endowment for future generations and sustaining the Iowa Great Lakes for every lake within the watershed. We do our best to keep the focus on supporting these vast needs in attention to invasive species, low impact development, land restoration, beach cleanups, improving water quality from algae blooms, and water quality awareness and education. In partnership with The Dickinson County Conservation Board, we operate with transparency and organization - they provide the review and vote of the Keep Okoboji Blue Endowment grants. The endowment is housed at the Okoboji Foundation and will be given out annually. Let us know if you have a need for Keep Okoboji Blue grant monies and we would be happy to review.

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